National Heritage Week – Luncheon with Paul Desney

Our National Heritage Week celebration this year was a special luncheon event at Wirrimbirra centred on the history of the Visitors Information Centre.

audiencePaul Desney, the architect of our Visitor’s Centre, shared his experience as our guest speaker. Paul was awarded the work of designing the Visitors Information Centre by the National Trust of Australia NSW during the 1990’s and he oversaw the construction of the Centre which opened in 2001.

The Visitors Information Centre marked a significant turning point in the history of Wirrimbirra. It combined a unique construction technique with the use of unseasoned ironbark and was the last building to use ironbark in its construction. Most observers said was not possible.

Heritage audience selectionPaul delighted patrons with memories of the events leading up to the construction and the work done to make it a successful contribution to the land and environment. Using design principles developed by Milo Dunphy and employed in earlier buildings on the site, the Visitors information Centre is an important addition to the unique heritage [built, cultural and environmental] of Wirrimbirra Sanctuary.