National Big White Bird Survey

White bird survey - cockatoo

The annual Australian Big White Bird survey of Cockatoos and Ibis was held on 11 October, 2015.

The Office of Environment and Heritage conducts the survey each year to track changes in population and distribution of these native large white birds. Numbers and locations have changed significantly since observation started. Early settlers noted large flocks of birds in areas surrounding Sydney that have changed substantially with human urbanization and changes to habitat, weather and climate.

The survey records observations of bird numbers and locations - through contribution by the public and formal recording programs. The location of sightings, bird numbers and any identifying information (including tags) was registered at the OEH survey site to help us understand more about these beautiful large white birds.

The Stead Foundation was involved again this year with members and visitors reporting sightings at Wirrimbirra and further afield. Thank you to everyone that participated.