Our Animals

Eastern Grey Kangaroos

It's an old word that represents all forms of animals.

Wirrimbirra is not a Zoo - it is a wild life refuge.

We provide a safe open space for native animals to enjoy life - when they are not able to be released into the wild.

The animals at Wirrimbirra, particularly those in the walk-through Fauna Protection Area (FPA), are generally used to people - but they are not trained, nor do we encourage hand feeding. There are wombats, emus, eastern grey kangaroo and swamp wallabies. The FPA is a secure environment, fenced to keep predators at bay. Inside the FPA is a large bird aviary that houses the Tawny Frogmouth Owls and King Parrots. Another smaller aviary is a new home to four Major Mitchell Cockatoos.

There are also a wide variety of animals throughout the sanctuary. Pardelote, Eastern Yellow Robin, Wattlebird, Kookaburra, Superb Fairy Wren are some of the more common birds recently seen around the Sanctuary Gardens.